We are really excited about our two day residential which involves adventure from the very beginning. We believe experiences like this, act as an amazing step towards increasing independence, resourceful thinking, resilience and decision making, in a truly unique environment in which to learn and interact.

Students will work in small tribes of approx ten to fifteen and each tribe will be assigned a TGM leader. This allows every tribe member to contribute and feel confident to express their ideas. The ancient woodland offers children and young adults the opportunity to excel out-with of the confines of a conventional classroom, inspiring an increased positive attitude towards learning, dependence on their peers and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Taking away distractions of everyday life gives a natural sense of well being which improves mental health and gives pupils an increased sense of achievement, which can then be transported back to school. This Green Moon is a safe environment where we can offer the time and inspiration to make everyone who comes to us feel empowered and  leave with a huge smile on their (dirty) face.

This Green Moon – Residential Sample Itinerary.

Day One:

10.30am – the adventure begins. We walk the scenic route to the woodland walkway up to the main camp area.

Arrival at camp, introduction to camp. Everyone has a safety briefing and familiarises themselves with their new surroundings.


Everything Tribal – identities, base camp, shelter building.

Fire Safety – the rules of the fire circle.

Supper time.

Sing for your supper make your own pizza or one pot meal for supper.

Make your beds – introduction to where you will sleep (bell tents or shelters) for the night and the rules that go with this.

This Green Moon’s Got Tribal Talent.

Twilight bat walk around the farm, hot choc and marshmallows around the campfire.

Bed time.

Day Two:

Breakfast – pick fresh eggs from the farm to make omelette or pancakes on the fire.

Examples of activities…

Tribal art, Introduction to green woodworking and make your own bow and arrows for a archery competition.


Leave No Trace (leave your environment as you find it!).

Walk / sing back through the ancient woods.

Time for home.

Kit List.

This is our recommended list. Please do not go out and buy new. As long as you have a sleeping bag, roll mat, torch, appropriate footwear and some warm clothes you will be fine.


Small rucksack (that you can carry) • Warm sleeping bag • Roll mat • Tracksuit /hard • wearing trousers • T shirts • Warm jumper/fleece • Waterproofs • Warm socks and underwear • Footwear (only a change if wet weather predicted)• Wash bag including tooth brush, toothpaste and wipes • Water bottle • Good torch with fresh batteries • Insect repellant


Electronic devices

The price is £95 per person. Get in touch.